Setting Up ArcPad 8 to Work with a Trimble Geo

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This workshop will demonstrate how to setup and use ArcPad 8 or 8.1 with any of the Trimble GeoExplorer family of products running Windows Mobile 5 or 6.  We will show how to go into the menus and make the appropriate selections to insure communication between ArcPad and GPS; how to set up data collection intervals; how to turn off extensions to help ArcPad run faster; how to customize the menus to eliminate items not needed for a project; and many other tips and tricks.
For those using ArcPad with Trimble GPScorrect Extension for ArcPad, we will show what settings are most advantageous to use to insure successful differential correction.

Come prepared to ask questions and share your experiences with ArcPad.  You may bring your Geo loaded with ArcPad to class if you want to maximize your attendance.

Jim Lahm, EDS- 1.5 hrs. free