Powering Your Geodatabase and ModelBuilder for Management/Analysis

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This course has recently been updated and enhanced with topics on Subtypes and Domains. Are you still fuzzy on GeoDatabase and topology? This class gets you into the center mass of GeoDatabases in version 9.3 using an uncluttered and systematic approach -- a powerful building of simple and powerful GeoDatabases under a File GeoDatabase (excluding enterprise GeoDatabases). This course starts with a thorough review of objects within a GeoDatabase and the different types of GeoDatabases, and then moves deeper. Many users need a strong basis in using the GeoDatabase for daily activities that don't require elaborate designs. Students learn how work with every day topology applications through creation of rules, investigation of specific changes in the data due to validation, work with editing tasks for management issues such as coincidence, and learn how to manage some confusing topology errors.

This class uses natural resources and urban data so concepts can be easily transferred to other types of applications. Using ModelBuilder in conjunction with the tools found in ArcToolbox powerfully enhances your GeoDatabase building/maintenance procedures as well as simple analysis. The focus of this ModelBuilder portion of the class is to learn the tools: creating, editing, and documenting models. Students will leave this class with the confidence for building basic and sound GeoDatabases as well as confidence in constructing their own models from scratch

For more information contact Bruce Kessler, Kessler GIS.  Course is two days, $595.