Open Source Web Mapping Apps: Up and Running

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This workshop will focus on getting an open source web mapping app up and running. We'll first discuss several of the open source Internet mapping solutions currently available, including GeoServer (, Map Server (, and Mapnik ( Next we'll discuss open source databases, including PostGIS, MySQL, and Spatial Lite (
After the initial discussion and overview, we'll work through installation and configuration of a web mapping app using GeoServer, shapefiles and/or PostGIS, and the OpenLayers ( JavaScript library. Depending on time, we may discuss and review additional topics, including leveraging third party services, using the cloud for data storage, caching, and advanced cartographic display.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own WiFi-enabled laptop computers to the workshop (PC). Programming knowledge is not required, although familiarity with installation of software and web server administration is highly encouraged.
Andres Ferrate, Cartosoft -2.5hrs, $50