Managing a GIS

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Managers don’t have a lot of time to attend a week or two of training. This course is developed to provide you with a much better idea of all the needs for GIS, a plan for implementation, and many references to help you beef up your GIS Management knowledge. This seminar presents required information for managing a GIS that is outside the technical operation of the GIS (such as how to change mapping symbols or convert different types of data). GIS is a “system” made up of components not typically covered in a typical GIS course: People – thinking of them as a resource and working to reduce turnover; Hardware/Software – the real costs and the real work; Data – not as easy as many people think; Procedures – often mistakenly left to be developed while feet are to the fire; Product – developing a firm concept of what GIS can realistically do. This class also encourages discussion between students, as there is a far greater knowledge as a group.
Bruce Kessler, Kessler GIS - 3.5 hrs. $95