Keynote Speaker - Aileen Buckley

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Aileen Buckley came to ESRI in 2003 from University of Oregon where she was a professor of geography teaching cartography, GIS, GPS, and other mapping sciences. She holds an adjunct associate professor appointment at the University of Redlands in their Masters of Science in GIS program. Her PhD is from Oregon State University.

Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked at an engineering firm as a project manager on projects converting cadastral paper maps to GIS data layers. And before that she worked in the Cartography Division of the National Geographic Society on the seventh edition of their Atlas of the World.

She has written a number of articles and book chapters on various aspects of GIS and cartography, and she is an editor of the Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science by Sage Publications. At UO, she also helped author the Atlas of Oregon, Second Edition (2001). She is second author of the forthcoming book Map Use: Reading and Analysis, Sixth Edition by ESRI Press. She was the 2007-2009 president of the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS)