Getting Started with ESRI Resource Templates

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This presentation will focus on the two significant types of ArcGIS template resources available from the new ArcGIS Resource Center website; Map Templates, and User Community Templates.

Map Templates provide the tools to make great maps for the Web, for print, and for mobile applications. These map templates are useful examples of professional-grade maps. You can use the cartography and data designs in these templates with your organization’s geographic information to generate your own professional maps. These will help you to effectively deploy a broad array of applications, convey scientific analysis and research, and support daily operations.

User Community Templates are similar to the Map Templates, but provide example data, maps, and applications that are focused on specific industry or special interest groups. There are currently template downloads available for water utilities, land records, and public safety. These templates are designed with “best practices” in mind. They can be an excellent way to get started with an industry solution and also provide some additional tools for established users