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The NW GIS User Group's annual meeting is the conference for GIS users, developers, designers, and decision makers in the Pacific Northwest. It is held every fall in a rotating series of cities spread across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

The conference and membership has been steadily growing since 1994 and now brings together hundreds of GIS Professionals from a wealth of backgrounds.

The 2009 Sunriver Conference is where some of the best analysts, cartographers, developers, managers, and leading business owners cross paths, exchange ideas, find partners, and conceive projects. It’s where community ties are strengthened and the future is telemarked. It's where you want to be to make things happen.

See you October 12-16, 2009 in Sunriver, Oregon.

2009 Conference Committee- Who we are

Chair - Paul Ferro
Co-Chair/Mtn. Bike Leader – Blair Deaver
Treasurer/Entertainment Coordinator- Erin Ferro
Volunteer Coordinator- Bruce Kessler
Website- Brent Thomas and Ben Studer
Publications Compiler- Paul Ferro, Dixie Booker-Lair
Map Gallery Coordinator - Dixie Booker-Lair
Vendor Coordinator- John Schaeffer
Registration- Patty Morgan from Pacific Agenda
Training- John Schaeffer
Media- Teri Pinello from ESRI
Keynote Speakers, & ESRI Technical Sessions - Marty Balikov from ESRI
Golf Coordinator- Mike Macguire