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ESRI Mobile GIS Solutions Overview

The presentation will discuss and compare the ESRI mobile GIS products in order to help you select the most suitable product for your mobile applications. Mobile environments have multiple and unique challenges that mobile GIS applications are required to meet. Consequently, ESRI has four primary mobile solutions which are designed to meet different mobile requirements.

This presentation will provide an overview of ArcPad, ArcGIS Mobile, ArcGIS Engine, and ArcLogistics Navigator. It will also provide guidelines on how to select the best mobile solution for your mobile GIS requirements.

Map Series and Quality Assurance Workflows with PLTS

This presentation is for organizations that need to manage their workflow to enhance quality assurance and produce several map products or series. It will describe the Production Line Toolset (PLTS) collection of turnkey software applications for high-quality database production, maintenance, quality control, cartographic product generation, and workflow management. These tools extend ArcGIS functionality to enable organizations to more efficiently design and deploy enterprise workflows, manage production tasks through the Job Tracking Extension (JTX) and manage data quality through systematic visual, geometry and data-editing correction workflows using GIS Data ReViewer.

The presentation will describe PLTS and JTX extension software capabilities at version 9.3.1 as well as a preview of changes coming in version 9.4.

Effective Web Mapping with ArcGIS 9.3.1

Web maps are applications designed and used to accomplish focused meaningful tasks. They also typically involve one or more GIS services that are integrated into a single web application. This presentation takes a look at some best practices and resources that are available and provides the concepts that users can apply directly in their work centers. Learn how to utilize ArcGIS online and as well as how to configure caching, map optimization, and dynamic maps most efficiently.

This presentation will also cover how to configure, instead of code, the template and sample applications in the Flex, Silverlight and the Javascript APIs.

Getting Started with ESRI Resource Templates

This presentation will focus on the two significant types of ArcGIS template resources available from the new ArcGIS Resource Center website; Map Templates, and User Community Templates.

Map Templates provide the tools to make great maps for the Web, for print, and for mobile applications. These map templates are useful examples of professional-grade maps. You can use the cartography and data designs in these templates with your organization’s geographic information to generate your own professional maps. These will help you to effectively deploy a broad array of applications, convey scientific analysis and research, and support daily operations.

User Community Templates are similar to the Map Templates, but provide example data, maps, and applications that are focused on specific industry or special interest groups. There are currently template downloads available for water utilities, land records, and public safety. These templates are designed with “best practices” in mind. They can be an excellent way to get started with an industry solution and also provide some additional tools for established users