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Bighorn Sheep Country

This shaded relief topographic map of Hells Canyon and the Salmon River was printed as a bandanna to raise money for the conservation of wild sheep. Major rapids and bighorn sheep frequented areas are identified.

Tim Williams, Idaho Fish and Game
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Boise River Wildlife Management Area

The low elevation fothills of the Boise River Wildlife Managment Area provide critical winter habitat for mule deer and elk.  Mule deer from as far away as the Sawtooth Mountains migrate here each fall to avoid the deep snow and extreme cold as higher elevations.  Deer survive winter by using energy reserves (body fat) gained during summer and by minimizing energy expenditure - that's why disturbance from people and pets can be so damaging to deer during winter and early spring.

Ed Bottum - Boise River WMA
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2008 Idaho Wolf Activity

Map of the documented, suspected and reported wolf observations in Idaho for 2008.  Telemetry and research observations were analyzed to produce 95% minimum convex polygons of wolf pack territory.  For less well-documented packs estimated circles depict areas of occupancy.  Finally public observations collected via web, phone and conversations are summarized.

Brent Thomas, Idaho Fish & Game
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