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Enterprise GIS Implementation

GIS has evolved to become more and more an integral part of the enterprise operations in any business. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming a popular choice as deployment architecture. Various departments within an organization typically use or try to use the SOA to access services, data and applications to conduct their business. GIS and other services are being deployed and consumed to address business goals and routine operations. Moreover, there are legacy data support techniques, and data dissemination processes that makes an enterprise implementation seamless and sensible. Weston has been involved as a “Trusted Integrator” on many such enterprise GIS integration projects and would like to discuss some related case studies. Some challenges always present themselves during any enterprise implementation. But there are some key traits and steps for a successful enterprise implementation. Weston would like to cover those as well during the presentation.

Arnab Bhowmick, GISP, LEED (Program Manager, Weston Solutions Inc., Seattle)

Arnab Bhowmick has 10 years of experience in information systems architecture and development including governance frameworks. His domain expertise includes enterprise asset management, water/ wastewater, forest management, remote sensing, and civil engineering. He has developed enterprise system architectures and geospatial governance models for multiple local and state governments and federal bodies. He has GISP and LEED certifications, and works as a Program Manager for Weston Solutions. He manages two lines of business and the interconnections between them – enterprise GIS and green technology. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in GIS & Business Information Systems from the University of Washington.

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Enterprise GIS Success in a Tough Economy – Solutions and Strategies from GIS Leaders in the Northwest

How do we continue to build and manage a successful enterprise GIS in tough economic times? How can we leverage existing organizational initiatives for project dollars? How can I add capacity with a hiring freeze? This session will include real world strategies and solutions presented by some of the most experienced GIS managers and consultants in the Northwest. A solid enterprise approach to GIS combines the software, architecture, management, and planning that is required to integrate GIS fully into the organization’s business. This approach is always important to GIS implementation and management; however, it is critical in times where competition for budget dollars is very tight.

Our speakers lead and support efforts in organizations where GIS is thriving. Each will present a different aspect of their successful approach to enterprise GIS in the current economy, including insights into technology, funding, project planning, coordination, and executive support. The session will conclude with a lively discussion among our speakers and the audience.

Kirsty Burt (Kirsty Burt GIS) – Moderator; Scot McQueen (ESRI); Ian Von Essen (GIS Manager, Spokane County); Dean Anderson (IT Director, Polk County)

This group of presenters has been friends and colleagues for many years. We look forward to sharing our expertise and varied perspectives with attendees at the conference.

Kirsty Burt is an independent GIS consultant with over 30 years experience in GIS, in both local government and consulting. Her unique blend of expertise allows her to work effectively with both the people and technology in GIS. She specializes in GIS strategic planning and business analysis. She was awarded ESRI Olympia’s Business Partner of the Year award for 2009.

Scot McQueen a senior consultant with ESRI’s Consulting Services group. Scot has over 10 years experience working with large enterprise systems, including timber companies, non-profits, and government agencies. Scot specializes in developing strategic and tactical plans that help organizations succeed in their GIS implementation.

Ian Von Essen has over two decades of wide-ranging professional GIS experience, including 19 years in his current position as GIS Manager for Spokane County. Ian has chaired the Washington State Geographic Information Council several times and continues his long time dedication to state and federal GIS efforts. He was the 2004 recipient of the John Wesley Powell award from the USGS.

Dean Anderson is the IT Director for Polk County and is responsible for all aspects of information technology at the County. Dean has been very active in the Oregon GIS community, including the Oregon Association of Government Information Technology Management (OAGITM), Oregon Geographic Information Committee (OGIC), URISA, and the Oregon GIS Policy Advisory Committee. We all first came to know Dean as the first Northwest Regional Manager at ESRI in 1986.

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