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arsenic reminder

As mentioned on the Lewiston poster for the Embalming Arsenic Leachate Surveys, we recommend that cities and towns maintaining wells on or near pioneer cemeteries with a substantial number of graves dating from before 1900 are advised to have the water tested for arsenic leachates.

For additional research, see:
John L. Konefes and Michael K. McGee, “Old Cemeteries, Arsenic & Health Safety,” Cultural Resources Management (National Park Service, IX:10, 1996), 15-18.

Pacific Northwest GIS Initiative

A reminder to all those interested in the ESRI-Lewiston GIS initiative.

I will be coordinating the implementation of ArcGIS 9.3.1 site licenses for ten (10) Northwest high schools who agree to teach a one (1) semester course. The project initiative calls for GIS professionals --- like you --- to team up with local high schools to teach the first semester, training a key faculty member and a pilot group of students.

Please contact me directly for a copy of the memorandum of agreement.

My experience has taught me that curriculum changes can be slow. The time to begin is this fall for a "fall semester - 2010" delivery date.

We want to go beyond helping with GIS to having a real impact integrating GIS.


I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with such an enthusiastic group of GIS professionals. The topics discussed were timely, especially those I heard relating to data management. I only regretted not being able to hear more of the fine presentation.