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This is your opportunity to showcase your graphic expertise, cartographic talent and creativity and technical skill.


Award Categories

  • Best Overall (cartography)
  • Most Unique (innovation)
  • Best Analytical Presentation (technical quality)
  • Best Cartographic Design
  • Best Instructional Presentation
  • Best Student Presentation



  • A map is a stand-alone cartographic product with the purpose of communicating spatial information in paper format. 
  • Entrants are limited to 1 entry in each category.
  • Mount maps on foam core on site or bring with.
  • Keep map size from 11X17 to 42x42 inches.

Contest will be judged by conference attendees.

Share your talent with other GISers, submit your contest entry today.

Poster Results

Hi Brent,

Can you post the poster contest results? We are sitting on the edge of our seats!

Paul just announced he'd publish the Poster results shortly

He's running the show at the last meeting right now, so it'll be after noon at the earliest.

Conference Website blogger takes the cake

Congrats Brent on your win....just curious was your beautiful map within the contest's size perimeter?

No, the map is 3'x5'

No, the map is 3'x5'

poster size

hi brent-

wanted to verify the upper limits of the poster size. A standard E-size is 34x44 which would exceed the 42 inch limit. I have a 34x44 version and and 42x54 version of my poster...didn't want to have to replot if I didn't have to.