Willapa Bay Oyster Beds & Shellfish Areas

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This map shows the extent of LiDAR coverage for the Willapa Bay Intertidal Area, placed over 2008 one-foot orthophotography. Oyster growing areas such as oyster beds, oyster bed leases, oyster farms, and oyster reserves are labelled and displayed. The map also shows intertidal areas, prohibited commercial shellfish growing areas, as well as recreational shellfish beaches. Additionally, the locations of oyster and other seafood processing facilities are displayed. The map also includes a brief description of the physical environment of Willapa Bay, the history of the bay's oyster industry, and relates the importance of private stewardship towards maintaining this vital Pacific County industry.

Tim Triesch

Tim Triesch, GISP, is a Senior GIS Analyst with the Pacific County Department of Public Works.

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