Using the JavaScript API to support biodiversity and at-risk species

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The Exchange Network is a partnership among states, tribes, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that is revolutionizing the exchange of environmental information. Partners on the Exchange Network share data efficiently and securely over the Internet. The objective of the Biodiversity Data Exchange project is to increase the effectiveness of the New York State Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP), which has the responsibility for collecting, managing, and disseminating information about rare plants, rare animals, and significant ecological communities. The NYNHP shares this information with NatureServe, a nonprofit organization that connects more than 50 Natural Heritage Programs across the country. NatureServe establishes scientific standards for biological inventory and biodiversity data management, develops comprehensive and current databases for at-risk species and ecological communities, and provides information products and conservation services to guide natural resource decision-making.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation has a critical business need to make natural resource data more readily available and accessible to the public and to partners, particularly online. Windsor Solutions developed and implemented a Web-based application using the ArcGIS JavaScript API to provide enhanced access to this natural resource data.

Chris Beaudette - Windsor Solutions

Chris is a GIS Analyst at Windsor Solutions.

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