Northwest Gap Analysis Project stewardship database and PAD-US partnership

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The Northwest Gap Analysis Project (NWGAP) is mapping and assessing the biodiversity for the five-state region encompassing Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming. It is a multi-institutional cooperative effort being coordinated by the University of Idaho and the U.S. Geological Survey Gap Analysis Program. The primary objectives of NWGAP are to create detailed, seamless GIS maps of land cover, species ranges and predicted distributions, land stewardship and management status. Additionally, to do a gap analysis to identify species and vegetation communities that lack representation or are underrepresented within the Northwest’s network of conservation lands (i.e., stewardship database), in other words, "gaps".

We are currently updating the NWGAP stewardship database by compiling boundary information as well as management status for federal, state, and locally managed conservation lands. We are also assigning GAP status codes, requesting user feedback prior to the final release, and exploring ways of applying these data to conservation planning. It is nearing completion and will become publicly available during winter 2009. The NWGAP stewardship database will be incorporated into the Protected Areas Database of the US (PAD-US) through the PAD-US partnership.

Mason Croft
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