Moving GIS Data to The GCDB

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The BLM’s Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) is the proper representation of the Public Lands Survey System (PLSS) to use as a mapping framework for the many cadastral layers that have a PLSS basis. This presentation describes some tools and methods to integrate legacy GIS data sets to the GCDB, and how to re-adjust GIS layers that are already on the GCDB, when the GCDB is updated or improved.

Rj Zimmer, PLS, GIS Manager, DJ&A, P.C.Engineers Planners Surveyors

Rj Zimmer is a professional land surveyor licensed in Oregon and Montana, and is the GIS Manager for DJ&A, PC, a small engineering and surveying company.  Mr. Zimmer has more than 20 years of GIS experience managing and using GIS in local government and as a GIS consultant.  He earned a B.Sc. in engineering-physics from Oregon State University, and he has published more than 50 articles on GIS and surveying in The American Surveyor magazine and the Professional Surveyor Magazine.

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