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Managing mobile users and data in an enterprise GIS environment presents many challenges.  Files must be processed and organized, field edits must be checked for quality, and everyone in the organization always needs to have the most current and accurate data. Effective use of techniques like user logins, automatic tracking fields, and ArcGIS Geodatabase versioning, combined with well designed workflows, can help keep the best possible data flowing through an organization.  This session will show you how to manage base and operational data, design efficient mobile maps and workflows, and effectively exchange GIS data with all your field users.

Craig Greenwald

Craig Greenwald is GeoMobile Innovations’ Technical Director and a Mobile Technology Specialist.  Craig is well known for his work on the ESRI ArcPad team and provides software, consulting, and training services to GeoMobile Innovations’ clients. Craig has real world experience designing, implementing, and consulting on all sizes of projects, ranging from local campground trash mapping to the U.S. national census

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