Low Distortion Projections - Development of a new Oregon Coordinate Reference System

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The Oregon State Plane Coordinate System was developed in the 1930s and for decades has served the surveying and engineering community well. However, the need for higher accuracy, inclusion of geodetic surveying in our everyday work, combination of terrestrial total station and GPS positioning, and blending of survey/engineering and GIS data has created the need to develop a modern improved coordinate system. This topic will discuss the problems with our legacy State Plane Coordinate System, challenges enountered when employing new technology, and options for new Low Distortion Projections in Oregon.

Ron Singh

Ron Singh is the Chief of Surveys and Geometronics Manager for the Oregon Department of Transportation. He directs the agency’s surveying program which includes surveys for Project Development; Construction; Monumentation; Photogrammetry; Geodetic Control; and Right-of-Way Engineering. Ron has been with the Department for 33 years.

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