GIS Education in the University Setting

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GIS Education in the University Setting

Baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in GIS are diverse in their intent and scope. A brief overview of GIS undergraduate and graduate programs in the Northwest will be given in light of a few of the educational needs noted by the recent publication of Geographic Information Science & Technology – Body of Knowledge.

Efforts being made by the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) to promote GIS education will be discussed. These efforts include: 1) week-long training workshops for K-12 teachers in the use/implementation of GPS/GIS within their classroom; 2) the construction of articulation agreements with regional community colleges; and 3) the maintenance of suitable GIS curricula to support current degree programs at OIT (i.e., a GIS Minor, a four-year B.S. degree in Geomatics/GIS, and its intent to begin a Master’s program by the Fall of 2010).

Prof. John Ritter

Dr. John Ritter is a Professor of Natural Sciences at the Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, OR where he has taught for 14 years. He is the Director of OIT's GIS Service Center and is the curriculum advisor for the GIS degree option within the Geomatics Department at OIT. He has been an ESRI ATP instructor for 13 years and is an ESRI Business Partner.

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