GIS and GPS in Search and Rescue Operations

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Crater Lake National Park conducts several Search and Rescue operations each year. GIS and especially GPS are critical components of all phases of these operations. This poster will illustrate applications from various incidents of the last few years.

Chris Wayne

Chris Wayne is the GIS Analyst at Crater Lake National Park, where he manages all aspects of park GIS and GPS operations. He has been with the NPS for 6 years, including 3 years as a volunteer. In addition to his GIS duties, he serves on the volunteer Ski Patrol. In his 12 years of GIS-ing he has worked for ESRI, the U. of Washington, as an independent consultant, and for various local and regional governments. Prior to settling into a respectable GIS career, Chris the roamed the USA for 7 years as an archaeologist, but got tired of all the mud and went back to school.

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