Getting Ready For Census 2010

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Every ten years, since 1790, the United States has conducted a census of its population. Next year, on April 1, 2010, the United States Census Bureau will conduct its 2010 decennial census. Preparation for this effort began long ago with a focus on enhancing partnerships with state and local agencies. Many of these partnership efforts have involved an increase in the use of locally provided GIS data. Lane Council of Governments has been involved in a number of Census programs aimed at utilizing local data and expertise in order to improve Census 2010 results. This poster will describe those programs as well as give examples of how Census data are used at LCOG.

Bob DenOuden

Bob DenOuden is a Senior Analyst with the Applied GIS and Data Services group at LCOG. As a project manager and analyst, Bob has led numerous water resources technical analysis projects including hydrological and water quality modeling, GIS watershed analysis, nonpoint source pollution assessment, and water resources data management. In addition, Bob has provided technical leadership to the transportation, natural resources, and community safety programs within LCOG as well as to numerous external clients. Bob joined LCOG in 2001. He has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Oregon and a Master's in Geography from the University of Idaho, where his focus of study was fluvial geomorphology and stream restoration. Prior to LCOG, in Washington state, Bob managed geospatial product development at LizardTech in Seattle and was a transportation planner at Thurston Regional Planning Council in Olympia. From 1988 to 1995 Bob worked at Microsoft Corporation managing software testing teams on a variety of products.

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