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GIS has evolved to become more and more an integral part of the enterprise operations in any business. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming a popular choice as deployment architecture. Various departments within an organization typically use or try to use the SOA to access services, data and applications to conduct their business. GIS and other services are being deployed and consumed to address business goals and routine operations. Moreover, there are legacy data support techniques, and data dissemination processes that makes an enterprise implementation seamless and sensible. Weston has been involved as a “Trusted Integrator” on many such enterprise GIS integration projects and would like to discuss some related case studies. Some challenges always present themselves during any enterprise implementation. But there are some key traits and steps for a successful enterprise implementation. Weston would like to cover those as well during the presentation.

Arnab Bhowmick, GISP, LEED (Program Manager, Weston Solutions Inc., Seattle)

Arnab Bhowmick has 10 years of experience in information systems architecture and development including governance frameworks. His domain expertise includes enterprise asset management, water/ wastewater, forest management, remote sensing, and civil engineering. He has developed enterprise system architectures and geospatial governance models for multiple local and state governments and federal bodies. He has GISP and LEED certifications, and works as a Program Manager for Weston Solutions. He manages two lines of business and the interconnections between them – enterprise GIS and green technology. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and M.S. in GIS & Business Information Systems from the University of Washington.

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