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At first glance, it seems intuitive to closely guard your data like a treasure chest. The standard practice is to charge for access: be it selling small sections for a price per unit, yearly maintenance costs or the incremental fees of cloud computing. The history of the internet, computing and the flow of ideas through society disagree. Ideas and information are spread by copying. Standing in the way of culture's progress does not bring you clients or friends. Successful business models find ways to share knowledge for mutual benefit. Learn to share your work free and easily using Creative commons licensing. Find out how to offload the costs of sharing your work using peer-to-peer technology and external servers. Explore ways to benefit from a community that embraces sharing. Discover how to build off the success and free advertising sharing generates to gain new work that adds value and fattens your pocketbook.

CORRECTION Oct. 15, 2008 4:00PM by Brent JK Wedding Entrance Video that included pirated video resulting in increased record sales was Chris Brown's Forever not the Black Eyed Peas. That's even more incredible given his headlines during the same period.

Brent Thomas, GIS Analyst, Sr. - Idaho Fish and Game
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I gave a list of ten things that could compete with free in a networked economy of ubiquitous and free/nearly free goods and services:

  1. Immediacy - mapping services
  2. Personalization - custom cartography (map for trial of bighorn sheep)
  3. Interpretation - web services that expose analysis tools (crop forecasting based on free satellite data)
  4. Authenticity - established expertise
  5. Open Accessibility - design for web mashups/reuse
  6. Embodiment - live performance or physical good (high quality poster)
  7. Patronage - true fans who support work often up front
  8. Findability - Aggregators (amazon, google, how about an aggregator for metadata?)
  9. Quality - Give away low resolution, charge for high quality 1 foot imagery service (or software)
  10. Affiliation - Buy Local, Buy from those in your "community" virtual or real.
  11. Comfort/Convenience - This one came from your comments and it reinforces why IE is still the dominant browser or ArcMap over some competing products.

What can you add to this list?  Are there other good examples of each of these you'd like to share?

- Also note I made a small inconsequential error on my choice of youtube music piracy.  Revised above.