City of Springfield: 10 Maps for the price of 1!

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The City of Springfield designed this jam packed map to provide the community and potential developers with as much vital City information as possible in one map. The challenge brought to our GIS department was the need to see about 10 maps on 1 map without losing clarity, information and to maintain feature simplicity and balance. Although the battle was in the details, this cartographic design included elements of generalization, simplification, abstraction, hierarchy and ground relationship, colour and contrast.
The final map product was successful in bringing all City data together with equal importance and straightforwardness giving a large audience an easy to read, robust map of our City.

Annamarie Tiniakos

Annamarie Tiniakos presently works as a GIS technician for the City of Springfield, Public Works Technical Services Division. As an AD-HOC mapping specialist for Engineering, Planning, City Manager’s Office ,Transportation, Environmental Services, Police and Fire, Life Safety departments within the City she designs maps for many different audiences that require high levels of Cartography and data accuracy. Graduating with honors from the University of Oregon in Geography and Anthropology, Annamarie’s design expertise comes from her knowledge and love of 'place' and a strong passion for understanding 'human behavior' and how the two intertwine in and on the map.

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Interstate shields

On the map, the shield for I-5 read "I-5". But it was an interstate shield symbol, so the shield should simply read "5", just like the signs on the real highway. The mapsymbol shield for I-105 was a state shield, and should have been an interstate shield.

Vote for Posters now or

Vote for Posters now or later? Should we provide links to Poster?

Good question

Good question

Where are the posters??????

Where are the posters??????

There will be a poster session at the conference

This is a poster session of actual physical posters, not a web poster session.  Maybe in the future we should also hold a web poster/mapping contest, but for this year we are submitting abstracts for an actual physical object printed on dead trees or similiar two-dimensional surface.

Do you have ideas for an online poster contest.  Please share your ideas below!