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Public and private agencies face continuous challenges to accomplish more with less as increases in demand, regulatory requirements, infrastructure deterioration, and political and economic forces have significantly outpaced increases in capital and operating budgets. Many of these agencies are turning to Asset Management to cope with these challenges and improve business performance and effectiveness. This presentation will focus on several aspects of developing an asset management system that could help improve performance, reduce long-term costs, and maximize return on investment in infrastructure assets. Specific topics include: • Strategy and Planning • Mobile Asset Collection Vehicle – Digital Video/GPS • Asset Extraction from Digital Video Logs • Software Solutions Intended Audience: This workshop is intended for utility, transportation, engineering, planning, and environmental managers and analysts of the public and private sectors.

Andrew Lewis, Retional Manger, Data Transfer Solutions, LLC

Mr. Lewis has over 16 years experience using GIS and remote sensing. As a regional manager, Mr. Lewis is focused on developing new business in the Western United States. He also acts as a client point of contact in the region for DTS and manages GIS projects and Remote Sensing Projects.

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