Acquiring Grants and Creating Effective Parternships

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In this presentation, I will focus on getting more from our resources and acquiring grants. Many opportunities are immediately available, but go unused. I will give suggestions on how to access this variety of resources and the logistics of quickly and efficiently utilizing them. Partnerships also play a major role in doing more with less. How to develop useful partnerships that cooperatively benefit both you and the community will be discussed. The presentation will end with the process of grants, grant writing, and determining what you need, how to get it, and what you are responsible for once you get a grant.

Brian Wachs, Crook County HS Teacher

Brian Wachs is a ninth-year teacher in my second year at Crook County High School as the Natural Resources Education Program (NREP) instructor. I graduated from Oregon State University in Rangeland Management and my MAT is in Ag. Ed. I have spent previous years working with the BLM out of Prineville, OR and as a buckaroo on various ranches in central Oregon. Because of a strong affinity for the outdoors, I spend much of my time showing my kids the amazing world outside and helping them to discover that they are more than mere participants in nature; they are stewards and students of it. I have also been an Oregon Science Teachers Association Regional Director for the past four years. I work to coordinate private industry, government agencies, the military, and schools to positively affect the direction of education.

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