5th Street Cemetery Necrogeographical Study

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For the past 8 years, the 5th Street Cemetery Necrogeographical Study has sought to combine and model the “best practices” of several associated disciplines and apply these methodologies to timely issues of local import. Every community has its intriguing historical questions that can benefit from but actually transcend a paper-and-pencil approach. These questions are appropriate practicum situations for inquisitive students, who can be empowered with mastery investigative skills and the appropriate technologies to unravel local conundrums and enhance the community’s understanding of itself. We have learned that the truth may be more interesting than any fiction. And the total truth is rarely seen through only one glass.

Steven Branting
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Dr. James Ronda, Barnard Professor in Western History at the University of Tulsa and noted Lewis & Clark historian, has commented: “We often tell students that the past is alive in the present. What better place to encounter the living past than in the places of the dead... In many ways I see this project as social history at its best.” (2004)